Learning the Quran is mandatory both for Kids and Adults. It really impacts your whole life if you start learning at an early age. Our Prophet Muhammad SAWW has also emphasized teaching Quran to kids. To choose a Quran tutor for your kids, seek recommendations from your local mosque or Islamic community centers, conduct online research for online Quran classes for kids, verify qualifications and credentials, check references, interview potential tutors, evaluate their character and teaching style, consider logistical factors, request a trial session, discuss expectations and goals, and maintain open communication and monitoring of your child’s progress.

8 Best Tips to Choose Quran Tutor For Kids

You will find numerous platforms offering their teaching facilities The question arises, who is eligible to teach the Quran to Kids?  We are here to present the best tips that will help you choose the best Quran Tutor for your kids.

1. Experienced in Teaching Young Kids

The first tip is to look for an experienced Quran teacher for kids who is fantastic at handling children. The teachers who are interested in teaching kids are really very compassionate and friendly. The kids also enjoy studying with them as they make lessons very engaging.

If you have found a few such teachers, ask them how they manage to engage and channelize naughty and hyperactive kids. The answer will make it easy for you to choose the best one.

The reason to choose an experienced teacher is that with time teachers become increasingly effective in their teaching styles and methods.

Also, they deduce with their experience which teaching way is suitable for which age group. So, keep it your very first choice so that your kids can get benefited from the most effective teacher who could inculcate the love for Quran in your little gems’ hearts.

2. Is a Native Arab

Learning Quran from a Native Arab tutor is the best thing that you can provide to your kids. The reason we say to choose an Arabic dissent teacher is that they are exceptional in Quran reading, recitation, Tajweed, and Makharij.

A native teacher would definitely know how to make Quran lessons easy for Non-Arabs. They know what hurdles and language barriers other people went through while Learning Quran.

Arab-born Teachers especially Egyptian teachers know very well how non-Arabs commit hidden mistakes in the recitation due to the similarity between the phonics of their language (Urdu, Persian) and Arabic. So, to overcome that mistake, you need to hire a native Egyptian teacher so that your child doesn’t face the troubles others are facing.

3. Fluent In the English Language

Obviously, you cannot opt for a tutor who can’t speak any other language other than Arabic.

To be able to teach students from around the world, the Quran instructor should be fluent in English because it is the most common medium of communication everywhere.

Teaching in English is way easier than teaching in any other language. Not to forget that the search sites are enriched in the materials in the English language, making it easy for people living in the West to search and save whatever they want.

So, shortlist the ones that are fluent in English and are confident enough to teach Quran clearly and easily in English.

4. Is Ijazah Certified

Ijazah is the permission of teaching with the authority of being authentically chained back to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW.

It is actually a privilege and honor for the holder as it is only awarded to those who are rigorously evaluated and tested and have passed all the tests.

Look for a tutor who is Ijazah Certified in Quran Recitation, Tajweed, Tafseer and is best in providing hifz classes for kids.

It makes the tutor more formally educated and also assures the students that they have hired the best one!

5. Has Positive Feedback From Parents

Tutors who are exceptional will definitely leave an impression on their students. A good teacher always stays in the students’ memory and they do give a positive review for them out of their experience and inspiration.

Look out for the tutors who got a positive review from the parents of their students regarding the teaching style, regularity, behavior, management, and overall handling.

All the teachers who are working wholeheartedly to instill the Love of the Quran in Kids and make lessons easy for them are doing an amazing job but not all of them get feedback. If the parents have given their feedback or review for any teacher, it means that the tutor should be hired without any doubt.

6. Uses Mind Maps and Educational Games for Kids

If you are looking for a very innovative Quran tutor and don’t know how to choose the best one from the variety available online, then check who is using mind mapping and educational games for kids.

There are quite a few reliable teachers who use mind maps to derive the best results for their classes.

It is actually a very formal technique that let kids think and make a rough map of the topic in their minds with relevant examples or details. When the topic is opened for discussion, this mapping helps gather ideas from different minds.

Also, games and kids are like different sides of the same coin. Learning Quran lessons through games is an amazing technique 

So, choose wisely and do not compromise on the quality!

7. Is Highly Energetic and Enthusiastic

A teacher who delivers the best  Quran classes for kids is certainly one who is energetic and transfers positive energy to their kids.

Kids always need something super active, full of energy and excitement. A vibrant teacher will stimulate them to explore. Also, Quran is a subject that needs very lenient and soft handling when you are dealing with kids. An energetic tutor can make Quran really attractive to kids.

So, choose the Quran tutor who is passionate about teaching kids. This way, the kids will enjoy and learn Quran online side by side.

8. Delivers FUN-FILLED Classes for Kids

Long and lecture-based classes are really boring, especially for kids.

Kids like to attend fun-filled and activity-based classes where they can easily pour out their energy while learning Quran.

There are many credible platforms that render services in multiple genres of the Quran like:

  • Arabic classes
  • Recitation
  • Tajweed
  • Memorization
  • Islamic Studies for kindergarten

Tafseer, and much more. Hidayah Network is one such platform that is known for its teaching staff.

Their Quran and Arabic teachers make classes really enjoyable and engaging through activities.


It is tough but not impossible to choose a Perfect Quran tutor when there are hundreds of them available with just a click.

Just spend a little time to search the best one according to the above-mentioned tips and let your kids learn Quran in a super-engaging and amazing way.