A teacher plays a pivotal role in the upbringing, making, and shaping of their students’ personalities. As far as Quranic teaching is concerned, a tutor is no less than an angel who holds the hands of the learner and opens the gates of divine knowledge, wisdom, training, and character-building. Finding a good Quran tutor is a time-consuming yet worthy task that will lead you to the best experience to learn Quran online under the guidance of the best Quran tutor. We believe that all Quran tutors are good as they have opted to pave the rewarded path for others, but there are certainly some traits that the best of the best tutor possesses.

8 Tips To Find The Best Quran Tutor For Your Kids

Here Hidayah Network is going to give you the best tips here to choose the best male and female Quran teacher for yourself or your kids.

1- Ijazah Certified Native Egyptian

The word Ijazah might be new for some as it is not commonly used or known to the ordinary group of people. The primary task you have to do is to search for an Ijazah-certified native Egyptian tutor. Ijazah means permission. This certificate allows the holder to pass on the knowledge to others on behalf of their authority and make them certified to continue to pass it on. This degree links back to the study and ways of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. You can compare the one who is certified with the Ijazah with the one who is not, and you will find out that the one who is certified is far superior in knowledge to the other. 

The reason we say to look for an Egyptian  Quran tutor is because of their mesmerizing Arabic accent and accurate Tajweed. They are natives and possess an exceptional grip over Quranic knowledge. So take a pen and a diary to note down the names of the forums that have hired native Egyptian Ijazah-certified Quran teachers.

2- Bilingual With Excellent Communication Skills 

That is a very important and must-to-do thing while searching for a good Quran tutor. A Quran tutor must be bilingual as students from outside of Arab countries have to have a mutual mode of communication. English communication skills with fluency and confidence are a must for Quran instructors. So, look for a tutor who can easily talk and teach in English with a very clear and simple accent. The way they socialize and make students feel at home is what matters a lot.

3- Teaches Via Leading Quranic Forum 

Instead of looking for a freelance Quran tutor, it is recommended to look for a platform that has already hired the best tutors with all the traits we are mentioning here. They must have been hired after rigorous screening tests, interviews, samples teaching demonstration classes, and training records. So, why waste extra minutes? Pen down the names of the forums and then further narrow down your search to choose the top most. Hidayah Network is already the one-stop solution to your search, but you must search on your own to see what makes us say this so confidently.

4- Creative, Innovative, and Committed 

A charismatic personality of the Quran tutor is a must-must if you are looking for the best of the best teachers. It’s not the subject that will bring a change, but it is the personality of the teacher that can mold the minds and hearts toward Allah. A Quran tutor who is creative, innovative, and committed is the superb one to be selected.

Creativity here points to the teaching techniques that need constant changes for good results. Such teachers are capable of breaking the monotony of the class and keeping it alive throughout. This is what is required for a Quran class. A jolly and lively teacher with new and latest teaching methods

5- Uses Mind Mapping For Each Lesson

Mind mapping is a very powerful asset of teaching as it makes lessons easier to understand and quicker to deliver within a matter of few points. The teachers who use this technique are efficient and effective in their teaching style. So look out for such a teacher who is adept at using this technique of making Quran lessons interesting by letting students learn the details at their fingertips.

6- Belongs To the Sunni School Of Thought 

The sect problem prevails everywhere, so be very careful to opt for the Sunni teacher so that you don’t have to worry later on. Many Shia teachers willingly start Quranic classes and the problem starts when they mislead through different details. It is better to confirm the sect first.

7- Having 5-star Rapport on Portfolio 

A tutor with sound experience will be having either a 5-star rating or less. So you have to shortlist those who have an amazing portfolio with the work experience mentioned and the reviews from their old students must be affirmative. In online Quran classes for kids, this is the only way to check the aptitude of the teacher if he/she is spoken about with cheers. 

8- Uses Advanced Technology to Devise new Teaching Techniques 

The last tip is to check out through trial class how the teacher is teaching, are the techniques old or new? Is he/she familiar with the latest technology or not? The reason we have added this tip is because of the fact that the world is evolving day by day and everyone is shifting to gadgets, mobiles, and phones. So new apps, tech-based materials, and all the technicalities have become common. A good Quran tutor must be aware of such trends so that they can devise the techniques accordingly. So this is how you can choose a Quran tutor for your kids.


Your Quran learning is going to be the best journey if your teacher is the best one you have opted for. These tutors will teach you all the possible easiest ways to learn Quran. We know it will take time and a lot of scrolls, but Quranic knowledge can not be attained ordinarily. The greatest of the books must be learned by the greatest of teachers. Take a free sample session by Hidayah Network with 2 different teachers to save your time and start learning Quran right away.