Gone are the times when madrassas and physical attendance in Quran classes were in the hype. Thanks to the technology for introducing online hifz courses by a good number of platforms from all around the world.

Online Hifz courses have emerged as a transformative and accessible platform for individuals of all ages seeking to embark on a spiritual journey of memorizing the Quran. Whether you are a young child eager to begin your Hifz journey or an adult seeking to deepen your connection with the holy scriptures, these courses cater to a diverse range of learners. With the convenience of virtual learning, aspiring memorizers can now benefit from the expertise of skilled tutors and structured programs from the comfort of their homes. Whether one seeks a part-time option to balance other commitments or a full-time immersive experience, these courses offer flexibility to accommodate individual needs.

Top 6 Online Quran Memorization Courses For All Levels

A Quran memorization course doesn’t mean you are going to learn the entire Quran with a pre-designed schedule without any choice of your own. It has become super easy to design your own schedule, learn what you want, and when you are available. After detailed scrutiny, we at Hidayah Network have picked up the top 6 hifz programs to guide our readers about their specifications and prerequisites to help them choose the best one to initiate their hifz journey.

1- Hifz Course For Kids

Being parents, we have to nurture our kids Islamically, and if they are genius enough to memorize Quran, why not facilitate them through hifz classes for kids that are readily available online? We recommend giving a chance to the Hidayah Network due to their asset of Egyptian tutors. 

So, are you willing to check out the facilities that online hifz classes provide for kids? You will be amazed to know that even a 3-year-old can start memorizing the Quran from the easy chapters. The facilities for kids are:

➡️ 30-minutes class

➡️ Infographics and 3D animations of Surahs

➡️ Hifz Revision accounts with 500+ quizzes

➡️ Creative and appealing progress. Tracker sheets

➡️ Hifz competitions and rewards for best performers.

2- Hifz Course For Adults

Finally, adult males and females got good news here. There are many categories of hifz programs for adults. All the students, job holders, workers, and even teachers can enroll in the suitable category where there are levels of memorization to assist students reach their goals in the form of small milestones. 

Adult hifz courses are meant to achieve multiple objectives like:

➡️Getting proficient in Tajweed.

➡️Learning Quran recitation rules.

➡️Understanding the meaning of the verses.

Hifz doesn’t imply merely rot learning of verses, it also includes proper pronunciation of letters and deep understanding of verses so that a hafiz can apply the Quranic teachings as well.

3- Intensive Hifz Program

“Intensive Hifz program” this is the first time you heard of such a course. Well, this is a very unique course offered by many leading platforms. As the name tells us, it is a tough hifz course that intends to assist students to complete their hifz in a short time. Whether it is the whole Quran with 30 Juz or fewer Juz and Surahs, memorize by pushing beyond the bars and giving more than 100% of your effort.  It is especially for those who are efficient enough to give more than 4 hours daily without any holiday. It needs:

➡️ Full-time dedication and commitment.

➡️ Be available for more hours than usual hifz classes.

➡️ Natural Capacity to learn and retain the Quran extraordinarily fast.

➡️ Committed to revising longer portions daily.

4- Hifz Classes For Sisters

Now let’s please our sisters out there by not letting them feel sidelined! Our hifz classes for sisters are for housewives or working ladies, you can memorize the Quran at ease in your home and workspace by opting for the correct course for yourself from the category of memorization classes.

Hidayah Network offers female teachers also for sisters. Isn’t it great to learn the Quran conveniently from a female instructor and cover the lessons on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

5- Full-Time Hifz Program

Another amazing category of hifz course is a full time hifz program that requires 100% attentiveness and devotion. You can’t opt for a side task during a full-time plan because it aims at completing hifz in a short time. The advantage of this program is that it is not elongated to bound students for a long time. Rather, it takes less time for effective and efficient learning to finish the syllabus soon. The schedule and the hifz plan are designed skillfully to meet the outcomes accurately.

6- Part-Time Hifz Course

OK! So you are not the type of person who can learn the Quran intensively with a tough and packed routine? Let’s welcome the next top Quran memorization course which is the total opposite of the 5th one. The name itself indicates that this type of program keeps you partially busy and lets you focus on other tasks also. In a part time hifz program, you can learn any or all chapters of the Quran in a flexible schedule with a stretched plan. It is meant for all ages regardless of gender.

There are several hifz courses designed to achieve different objectives. You only have to choose the one that suits your availability and learning capacity. Another exciting piece of information about hifz courses is that you can also opt for any specific Surah Hifz program. We know that it is difficult to maintain the hifz, so be on the convenient and safe side, it is good to learn only that which you can handle easily. The following courses by Hidayah Network are exceptionally great to enroll in.

➡️Surah Al-Baqarah Hifz course

➡️ Surah Yaseen Hifz Course

➡️ Surah Ar-Rahman Hifz Course

➡ Surah Al-Mulk Hifz Course.

Not only these, but you also can choose any of your favorite Surah to memorize with a proper schedule, meaning, Tajweed, and tests. 

Why Should You Choose Hidayah’s Hifz Programs?

Everyone promotes their forum through some pleasing features they offer but I recommend opting for online hifz classes by Hidayah Network. Search for the site and see for yourself what is its position On Google Search. It has earned this top position by evolving and improving every single day. Some catchy features found in all of their hifz programs are:

➡️Professional Native Egyptian tutors

➡️Quiz accounts 

➡️Structured Curriculum

➡️Personalised Hifz Plans

➡️Weekly reports

➡️Parents meeting portal

➡️Unique and easy Hifz techniques

➡ ️ 2 Complementary classes and minimal budget for the course.

Final Thoughts

Quran hifz classes are very easy to attend and follow because it only takes a few clicks to sign in and start learning. Your hired teachers are responsible to keep you on track and help you reach your target. It’s you who must focus and devote good enough time to the course.