Quran learning refers to the process of studying, understanding, and memorizing the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam. It involves acquiring knowledge of the Quranic teachings, recitation rules (Tajweed), interpretation (Tafsir), and the application of its principles in daily life. Quran learning aims to foster a deeper spiritual connection, enhance understanding of Islamic teachings, and promote personal growth and development within the framework of the Quran’s guidance.

Learning the Quran with online tutors offers flexibility, convenience, access to qualified teachers, individualized attention, interactive learning tools, a comfortable learning environment, global community and cultural exchange, and continuous learning support. These benefits enhance the learning experience, allowing individuals to deepen their understanding of the Quran and strengthen their spiritual connection.

Today, many online platforms have sprung off. People are choosing to learn Quran online because it has a lot of benefits. You can blame them because it is natural for humans to patronize when they can find comfort.

7 Benefits of Learning the Quran with Online Tutors

1. You Learn at Your Own Time and Pace

The race to meet up with responsibilities does not give people enough time to learn. Some will enroll in Arabic school, but after some time, they won’t be able to attend because of work and some other things.

In a conventional Arabic school, the lecturer wouldn’t stop lectures because one or two students are absent. He or she will proceed with the number of students present. Also, he or she wouldn’t go back to the lecture in the next class. Therefore, an absent student is left at the mercy of his fellow students.

In an online Arabic school, the student is allowed to learn at his or her own pace and time. If you won’t be available for a certain number of days, you can inform your tutor and your lecture will be paused pending the time you return.

Also, you are allowed to learn at your pace without competing with anybody.

2. Supervisors Will Monitor Your Class with the Teacher

One of the advantages of learning the Quran with online tutors is that every lecture can be recorded. The advent of online platforms like Zoom, Whatsapp, and Telegram has made this possible.

This will make the tutor devote time to his or her job because he knows he can be supervised from anywhere. A supervisor can monitor all classes from anywhere. Another advantage is that a student can refer back to the class if he or she forgets anything.

3. Cost-effective

The cost of transport these days is much. If you have to commute from your house to your school every day, it will cost you a lot. Learning online will save costs and stress.

Also, because of the competition in the online space, online tutors charge reasonable and affordable fees.

4. Perfect Platform for Learning 

The learning environment plays a key role in how fast a person will learn. Most schools today are situated in noisy environments like markets, tarred roads, and so on. Learning in these types of environments can slow down your learning especially if you are trying to online Quran memorization.

The Quran is supposed to be learned in a silent environment where everybody can listen and assimilate. Allah says in Suratul Al-Araf, ‘’When the Quran is recited, listen to it attentively and be silent, so you may be shown mercy’’.

The online platform is a perfect place to learn because you do not need to step out of your house. If you switched off all electrical devices that might cause distraction, you are good to go.

5. Learning with a Quran Tutor Builds Consistency

Consistency is needed to learn the Quran. You cannot learn the Quran well by jumping from one tutor to another or from one Arabic school to another.

Learning the Quran with an online tutor is likely to build greater bonding and consistency than learning in a conventional Arabic school because most online tutors are full-time tutors. Online platforms have splendid courses and online Quran classes for beginners.

Also, online tutors are easily reachable and accessible because they are always online due to the nature of their job. Online tutors are likely to respond faster when you need them because you do not need to call them. Once you drop a message for them, they will see it immediately.

6. Absence of Oppression from Fellow Students

It is not every student that has the courage to stand up in class and answer questions. Some are born shy. They will never stand up in class to answer questions even if they know the answers to the question. While some are shy, some are afraid of being ridiculed by their fellow students if they answer questions wrongly.

When you learn with an online tutor, you don’t have to worry about this because it is you and your tutor alone.

7. Possibility of Carrying Out Research in Class

One major advantage of learning the Quran online and with an online tutor is that you can research a subject matter immediately without leaving the class.

Many Islamic textbooks, PDFs, and websites can supply you with answers to all Islamic questions. This can help broaden your knowledge and research skills. 


Whether we like it or not, online learning has come to stay. Office workers and professionals who are always busy have embraced online learning and they are reaping the benefits.

As a student of knowledge, you should be ready to learn to read Quran under any circumstance. The most important thing is to be increasing in knowledge daily. Some students of knowledge have become great scholars and are helping people with their knowledge through online learning.

There are many other benefits of learning the Quran with online tutors. One article is not enough to list all the benefits. Hidayah Network believes the seven benefits we have listed will go a long way in educating those who think there are no benefits to learning the Quran with online tutors. Hidayah Network has qualified native Egyptian male and female Quran teachers. Our teachers are qualified from Al Azahar University.

We seek Allah’s blessings upon the tutors who are doing everything possible to spread the message of the Quran.

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