Muslims all over the world are keen to learn to read Quran online but face hurdles regarding proper guidance, platform, and teachers that can play a vital role in their learning.

We bring another course that will lead you to the correct way of reading the Quran.

Why Choose Us to Learn to Read Quran Online? 

1- Structured Plan for this Quran Reading Course

To help you learn to read Quran easily, we have skillfully structured the plan for kids and adults. 

The plan is divided into 2 parts. It is further subdivided into Kids and adults.

Qaida Noorania or Noor Al-Bayan will be taught to beginners.

Quran Plan for Kids

Quran for beginners plan to learn to read Quran

Start with the basics of the Quran:

The Students will learn the accurate pronunciation of the alphabet.

The harakat (movements), the Madd letters, Sukoon, tanween, and Shadda.

Different rules of Joining letters.

Quran Plan for Adults

Read Quranic Arabic fluently in a very short time- Basic foundation course plans

The students will learn to read Quran with Tajweed.

Read Surahs by applying the rules.

Revise and review recitation by imitating qaris.

Note: 2 tests will be conducted after each part of the course followed by the final test. This is to check the fluency of each student’s reading.

2- Best Quran Tutors for Beginners

learn how to read Quran with a tutor

Learning Quran for beginners is tough and needs proper guidelines from a professional teacher.

1- Many of our Quran tutors have done diplomas and attended workshops from several institutes regarding teaching skills and techniques.

2- Well-trained to teach online and had the experience of helping hundreds of non-Arabs to learn to read the Quran online

3- We only select teachers that speak English fluently to ensure that they can explain the lesson professionally.

4- Our qualified Quran tutors have devised strategies and techniques about how to learn to read Quran for beginners in such a way that it makes learning enjoyable, easy, and interesting.

5- They use slides and infographics to help our students remember their Quranic Arabic lessons easier. 

6- Our tutors teach with utmost dedication and pure intentions to help achieve the goals of learning the Quran.

3- Interactive ZOOM Classes to Learn How to Read Quran

We have opted for the best available app nowadays i-e: the ZOOM app that provides numerous facilities to the users. 

It provides screen sharing which helps teachers to write what they are speaking or to guide the student on how the specific alphabet/word is written.

The colors, font, and sizes are adjustable so that you can highlight some of your text in order to make it prominent.

Videos from other sites can be played in the class online that support teaching resources. Hence, this app is the best one for Al Quran teaching.

4- Amazing Activities to Learn Quran.

Noorani Qaida and Noor Al-Bayan are taught through activities that are designed differently for kids and adults by keeping their age groups and interests in mind. 

Learning the Quran for beginners is made enjoyable through:

  • Visuals 
  • Arabic songs
  • Colorful worksheets
  • Tracing of letters (for kids)
  • Dialogues delivery
  • Show and tell sessions
  • Games with Arabic words
  • Picture recognition through Arabic letters
  • Finding examples from the Quran and much more.

The reason to include activities is to deliver the best and let students enjoy learning Quran online.


Our Hiring Process of Quran Teachers for Beginners 

Online Quran female tutors for sisters want to learn Quran online

We are determined to provide the most talented and learned online Quran teachers who teach with perfection.

Our teachers go through a series of tests and rounds of interviews to get selected for this noble cause. Anyone who doesn’t meet our selection criteria is not selected for teaching Quran online.

They are Ijazah certified from prestigious Islamic universities like Al-Azhar and Dar-ul- Ulum which permit them to teach the Quran and are best for Islamic studies.

Note: We provide the facility of male and female online Quran tutors for those who are in search of gender-specific teachers. 

The Outcomes of this Quran for Beginners Course

  • To identify alphabets, movements, rules of tajweed, and recitation perfectly.
  • To read out full ayah, surahs, and juz applying the tajweed rules.
  • To recite confidently in front of others like a skilled qari.
  • To revise and review it daily to retain it forever.
  • To implement the best Quran reading techniques to read Quran fluently
  • To be conscious and avoid hidden mistakes that Non-Arab Muslims do while reciting.
  • Finally, to be able to read exactly the way our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW did.


More Features of these Online Quran Reading Classes 

Native Arab Quran Tutors 

We provide the best teaching faculty to Muslim students out there. Our Quran tutors are proficient enough to devise lesson planners for Quranic teaching.

They plan ahead of the class and discuss their lesson planner with the supervisors in order to avail the given time efficiently.

Learn Quran online anytime 24/7

Your time is precious to us. So, we let our students choose the best time they can give to learn how to read Quran. Our teachers are available 24/7 to teach at your convenient time.

We make it easier to learn to recite Quran for beginners with flexibility in timings.

Affordable Fee

Affordable fee of our Quran for beginners

Hidayah Network brings an amazing and economical fee structure where you get a discount for the second child enrolled with us. 

Even more, discounts are given to families who want to learn together. The families enrolled in group classes will definitely find it cheaper as compared to one-on-one classes.

Two FREE Trial Classes 

Two free trial classes for those want to learn to read Quran online

To see how to read Quran correctly, we offer you 2 free trial classes where you can interact with the teachers to discuss the schedule.

We are sure you would like to get enrolled with us after availing of the offer of a free class.

Colorful Pictures and Audio

Once the lesson is taught, it is reinforced with the help of colorful visuals and audio.

The students who are more inclined towards visuals find it super easy and helpful to understand how to read Quran.

Certificates After Reading Quran Fluently:

Certificate of finishing Quran for beginners course

All the regular students are presented with the certificate. Whereas, the toppers are rewarded for doing their best. This certification allows adults to teach other Muslims if required.

One-on-one and group Quran classes

You can enroll not only for one-to-one classes but also for group classes. These groups can form with students belonging to the same family and also with students from different areas but with the same lessons.

This helps create a motivational learning environment for all the group members. Everyone is supported and uplifted.

Regular Evaluation and Feedback from Tutors

You cannot learn to read Quran without working on your errors. So, the Quran tutors keep an evaluation form with them which is filled in regularly and helps focus on the areas of improvement. 

The kids’ Quran tutors give feedback to the parents directly and keep them updated regarding their child’s Quranic learning.

Motivating Students to Read Quran Fluently

It is one of our aims to motivate all Muslims all over the world to read the Quran with Tajweed the same way Prophet Muhammad used to read.

With that goal in our mind, it pushes us to create a motivational environment for All the students.


Can I Take My Online Quran Class Anytime?

Yes, this is our key feature. You can set the time that suits you the best. Our teachers are available 24/7.

I Want to Learn How to Read  Quran. How Do I Register?

After availing of the free trials, you can set up your own schedule, choose your pricing plan, and then simply register.

Do I Need to Buy a Textbook for This Quran for Beginners Course?

No, your teacher will share the book online which will be visible on both screens to let you read. We will provide worksheets for reinforcement

What If I Miss My Quran Class?

No worries, you need to inform your teacher beforehand and discuss your availability time so that you don’t have a missed lesson, and you can make it up anytime at your convenience. 

I Already Have Read the Quran but My Tajweed Is Poor. Can I Be Enrolled in This Course?

You can enroll in our online tajweed course.

How Do I Pay My Fee?

We have many options available like:


Western Union

Moneygram and

Bank transfer

How Can Parents Check Their Child’s Progress?

It’s simple, they can roam around during the live session. They will get a progress report card that is generated weekly to keep parents updated.

We pray to Allah to let us accomplish our vision with the help of our dedicated Quran tutors, structured plans, flexible timings, and key features to help our students learn to read the Quran. Together we can reach the goal of this Quran for beginners course. In sha Allah