Qur’an for beginners (Basic foundation)
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Qur’an for beginners (Basic foundation)

Learn how to read Arabic fluently with the best native Arab tutors. Follow our structured study plans to achieve that in a short time.

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Qur’an for beginners (Basic foundation)

Arabic reading plan - Reading Arabic fluency

About this course

What You Will Learn in this Course

You will learn the articulation points of the letters to know how to accurately pronounce each letter like Arabs.

You will learn how to follow the methodology of Al-Qai'dah An-Nooraniyah or Noor Al-Bayan. That will help you read Quran fluently.

Learning the best way of spelling out the letters to be able to read correctly and fluently.

You will be connecting the words together smoothly and read long sentences with ease and comfort.

You will read some words from the Quran that are related to the same lesson after finishing each one.

You learn how to read the short Surahs with accuracy and precision. Moreover, memorizing them properly.

About this course

Our great experts designed amazing structured Arabic reading plans (Quran for beginners) using Noor Al-Bayan and Al-Qai’dah An-Nooraniyah to help adults read Arabic accurately and Fluently in only 20 hours, and kids in only 25 hours!. You will be learning how to read Arabic from scratch to be able to read the Quran. The whole structured plan focus on the accuracy of your pronunciation ( to sound like Arabs in reading ). Secondly, focuses on how to achieve Arabic reading fluency in a short time!. Throughout the whole plan, we try to include many words and sentences from the Quran to help you get used to the way the words are written in the Quran!. All of that will definitely help you read the Quran with ease and comfort in no time Inshaa Allah.

Our plans 

These are variable structured plans that are designed by our great experts from Al-Azhar. Choose one of them and ask one of our professional native Arabic tutors to help you with that!. You will be really surprised by the way we make reading Arabic easier and helping you become fluent in reading Arabic!!

The Outcome of this course

After finishing Al-Qai’dah An-Nooraniyah or Noor Al-Bayan book with us, you will be able to read any Arabic text Fluently, smoothly, and confidently!!.
Your pronunciation of all the Arabic sounds will be so accurate. There will be no difference between your Arabic reading and native Arabs’ reading inshaa Allah.
Moreover, this course qualifies you to read the Quran in a very easy and simple way. It will definitely help you become more fluent when you start reading the Qur’an!!.

Our Professional tutors

We pick the best teachers for Quran for beginners course that are;  

1- Certified with teaching Noor Al-Bayan or Al-Qa’idah An-Nooraniah book. 

2- Native Arabic speakers to help their students read naturally like them. 

3- Speak English fluently, which enables them to make the class very engaging. 

4- They took many courses on how to teach Arabic reading for non-Arabs. 

5- Able to make the class so interactive by using all Zoom tools, Moreover they produce funny Arabic reading activities and games by using Kahoot and other sites. 

6- Had the experience of teaching this Arabic reading course to hundreds of students around the world.

Note: They have gone through a round of interviews to make sure they can teach this course according to our high standards. 

Course Features 

  1. structured Arabic reading plans for kids and adults.
  2. Native Arabic male and female tutors. 
  3. Monthly feedback to track your progress. 
  4. Best visual material to practice at home.
  5. Monthly competitions and prizes. 
  6. 24 / 7 flexible schedule. 
Read Arabic fluently in a very short time- Basic foundation course plans


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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